My goal as an artist is to create images that evoke feeling and thought in myeself as well as the observer. If this is accomplished then something will have been given and gained.

Artist Statement

I was born in Bajina Bašta, Serbia. My first art show was in 1995 when I was seven years old. After attending the secondary "School of Design", I was accepted to the Braća Karić Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. I finished top of my class. It is however the early connection to subject through the beauty and creativity inspired by my grandmother, who through use of all the walls in her home, provided me with my first canvasses. I always had pencil and color pens in my hands. My passion for art is deeply rooted in my childhood like an abstraction or surreal reality. I was attracted to the beauty and rare particulars of pumpkin when my Grandmother brought them home and laid them on the table. I remember seeing them as they righted themselves awkwardly on the table, pumpkins as an conundrum for me to solve through each painting. In looking from a wide perspective the pumpkins represented in my work form a giant landscape where each brush stroke form many ecosystems filled with individual colonies full of life. Even in my work there is eventual decay and an unexpected beauty; I work to capture this visually in my art.

My erotica series explores yet contains sensuality through eroticism. High heels represent a stigma of female eroticism perhaps under the nail of chauvinism but to me and what is represented in my work is a freedom, a determination for women to experience an eroticism according to their own will and sources of pleasure.

Not in contrast to my other work subjects, my nature series also states an eroticsm, a natural satisfation through beauty, art, sensuality as a means of existence visible in all living things. "The Butterflies" extend the essence of this philosophy as they spread their wings free and eternally captured.

My mediums are oils, acrylic and chalk; however, my favorite medium is oils. I find they have a transparent quality -- and since they have a much longer drying time it gives me the opportunity to blend colors into the infinite variations found in the natural world.

Milica is currently working on a new series of large portraits entitled Je t’aime.


Milica has shown in over thirty gallery shows worldwide,
including but not limited to:

Progres Gallery (Belgrade, 2008)

Graphic Collective Gallery (Belgrade, Serbia, 2008)

Gallery Decorate (Hamburg, 2009)

BK Gallery (Belgrade, 2008)

Culture Centre Gallery (Bajina Bašta, Serbia, 2008)

Artsy Gallery (Los Angeles, 2009, 2010, 2013)

Pollenate L.A "A canvas for Reality and Capital", 2010

Novel Cafe (Los Angeles, 2009)

Blooms (Los Angeles, 2008)

Santa Fe Art Walk (Los Angeles, 2010)

Em&Co (Los Angeles, 2011)

Private Auction (Gudow, Germany)

Pomona Art Museum (Los Angeles, 2014)

District Gallery (Los Angeles, 2015)

Art Share LA Gallery (Los Angeles, 2015)

H Studio (Los Angeles, 2013)

The Corner Gallery( Las Vegas, 2015)

LALA Art Gallery (Los Angeles, 2015)

WIZNU Studio (Los Angeles, 2015)


Vidovdanska Award presented by Braća Karić Academy of Fine Art for Student of the Year, 2008

Certificate of Appreciation presented by City of Ontario, California, 2015